Consent.Guide is a website dedicated to helping navigate the world of online cookie consent and ePrivacy. Everything in here is personal opinion of the author, me, (Carl Gottlieb), and is not in any way formal advice, and definitely not legal advice.

Throughout the site I’ll be talking about cookies and unless stated otherwise, this term also encompasses similar technologies that are used to store information and track you, e.g. beacons, trackers and scripts.

The site is also focused heavily on the EU and we talk about the EU a lot. And by EU, in the world of data protection, I’m actually referring to the EU and those that adopt its rules, so that actually means, the EEA (EU + Norway, Iceland + Lichtenstein) and Switzerland.

N.B. For the next month or two (Feb-April 2019) I’ll be messing around with a lot of stuff on this website, such as post content and scripts. So if things go a bit wonky occasionally then feel free to let me know, but I’ll do my best to keep it as complete (and compliant) as possible.

The Author – Carl Gottlieb

Carl Gottlieb

Hi, I’m Carl and I’m a pragmatic Brit, with a taste for business, data protection and marketing, and lots of other stuff. Professionally I’m a consultant Data Protection Officer, which means I get to work with a few amazing organisations, helping them succeed at what they do best and steer clear of any murky data protection waters. Behind the scenes I have a Data Protection consultancy company (named Cognition) which has a great team of people doing some amazing things.

Personally I have a technical background, have created more than a few websites and have spent a lot of time working in Sales and Marketing spheres, so the world of ePrivacy resonates with me. Hopefully the information I put on this website will help you as it does me.

I also have a few podcasts and am on Twitter.

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