Google Personalised AdSense

This is a demo of Google’s Personalised Ad serving platform AdSense which allows website owners (aka “publishers”) to sell their ad space and serve ads provided dynamically by Google.

Consent Status

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: Always Active
  • Ad Targeting Cookies: Inactive
  • Ad Targeting Cookies (Google): Inactive
  • Social Media Cookies: Inactive
  • Social Media Cookies (Twitter): Inactive
  • Social Media Cookies (Facebook): Inactive
  • Anonymised Analytics: Inactive
  • Anonymised Analytics (Google): Inactive
  • Ad Serving Technology: Inactive
  • Ad Serving Technology ( Inactive

Change Cookie Consent: Open the Preference Centre or just Enable ALL types of cookie.

Personalised Ads (served from Google AdSense) :

(If no ads are showing, make sure “Ad Targeting Cookies (Google) is enabled.)